Anna Moskow


Hello, dear seekers of truth!

For 20 years I have been in search of true knowledge about the soul and God. I tried many directions, I managed to extract some grains from everywhere, but the puzzle did not add up, I could not proceed.

And suddenly "by chance" I learned about Natalia Vladimirovna Rodina from familiar astrologer, I began to watch her broadcasts on YouTube, and I finally got an impulse for action.

For many years I unsuccessfully tried to give up eating meat, but as soon as I heard from Natalia Vladimirovna: "Stop eating meat (and poultry)", I stopped eating them immediately, and I no longer want to.

For many years I tried to meditate, then pray, then meditate again, but everything worked out mechanically, insincerely. And only on the course with Natalia Vladimirovna I realized what meditation should be, and I began to succeed!

Natalia Vladimirovna, as a caring, kind mother, leads by the hand, helping us to wade through the darkness of ignorance to the light of truth, to overcome our mistrust and doubts.

Now I can finally say not “I believe”, but “I know” that I am an immortal soul and a part of God the Creator. Thank you for everything, dear Natalia Vladimirovna!