Alina California, USA


Natalya Rodina is an inspiring spiritual leader, a true teacher and an incredible mentor who led me on a path of self discovery and personal development.

I thank Creator for becoming a student of such a beautiful, kind, and knowledgeable teacher. She shines like the most precious gem for those fortunate to learn with her! Her unique method of personal development offers incredible guidance to those ready to expand their mind and grow spiritually on their path towards enlightenment. While many people are not persuaded by this ideas and this education does not fit everyone including people who are drawn to the material world and its delusions, who are not persuaded by what’s becoming more and more researched by the scientists, such as existence of quantum transition.


As for today, I’m a lucky to graduate from several levels in Mrs. Rodina’s courses. I can definitely see how knowledge I gained and applied turn my life path to an entirely different direction. What is different now? My fears disappeared and the understanding of both where I am as well as where I want to be are more clear to me, which is essential for making deliberate decisions about your life. I have learned that our life experience is unfolding in precise response to the vibrations that radiate as a result of our thoughts - whether we know that it is or not. The standard of success in life is absolutely the amount of joy we feel. I feel and look great. I am more energized and getting more creative ideas for my work. I was sick for some retches of time. No more sicknesses! I exercise on a regular basis not just out of a sense of duty but with enthusiasm and a sense of authentic joy. As a professional musician, I feel that every note I play makes this world more beautiful and kind. And then my students keep carrying my knowledge and expertise further in the world by becoming laureates of different competitions. The valuable knowledge I gained while taking Mrs.Rodina’s courses helped me become more calm and balanced. These days, I am grateful for all the events that occurs in my life and take those curved balls thrown at me occasionally with grace and deep understanding. Love is a powerful tool that Mr Rodina expertly weaves into all of her teachings!

Once you enter the path of spiritual development, it’s a constant honest and hard work within yourself which leads to overcome your ego. Then, you will become unlimited, there will be nothing you can’t do. So, I wish to all future students of Mrs.Rodina much success and self discipline!