To help the seeker of truth


This collection contains articles that became the foundation of my spiritual formation. Here, all the answers to questions that literally fell as if from a bag, after my dear, beloved and unsurpassed Teacher opened my curtain into the mysterious world - the divine world of love and understanding, a world in which dreams come true, all plans and intentions come true , the world of perfect health, inner peace, peace and bliss! Thanks to my Spiritual Mentor, the door to the world, the existence of which I did not even realize, opened to me.

Now I am doing this for you, dear reader, so that you, stepping on the path of spiritual development, will not get lost in the labyrinth of novelty. Let this collection become a guide for you at the initial level of your spiritual rebirth, but remember that these are my answers to the questions that have arisen, and you look for your own, and you will definitely find it, for those who are looking will find it. And always know: the truth is one, and the ways of understanding it are different, because they depend on a personal, individual way of perceiving the world.

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