Alla Mazur, Odessa


Natalia, I am grateful to God for meeting you! Thank you for your teachings, they actually help. My life has changed a lot since. I am doing very well. I established relations in my family, and most importantly, I saved it. I love and I am being loved, I do what I like and it pays off very well; I am a young, beautiful and healthy woman.

I have a purpose, and I am moving towards it. All of it thanks to you! You taught
me all of this, you taught me to be myself, to enjoy every moment of my life and
most importantly, to think only of the good! I want to say to everyone, “Do not
try to change the world, change yourself, and everything around will start to
change itself!” Natalia, may you and your family be healthy, happy and successful!
We love you very much!
Sincerely, Alla Mazur from Odessa.