What is your religion?

Questions and answers

Tell me, what is your religion?
Orthodoxy, Catholicism or maybe something uncommon from East? Elena, the Teacher of History, Kyiv

For many centuries, religions were forming on the path of human development.
Many sacred teachers came to Earth to transfer knowledge, and they were
creating the foundation of the spirituality, based on which a human created
certain religious schools. All of them carry the light of knowledge of Higher Mind
in themselves, but having passed through the prism of human vices of the
servants of the church, they usually have the form of encrypted secret writings
and enigmatic miracles. That is why the Church could control the masses of
people and keep them in obedience.
The deeds and teachings of Archangel Michael (Jesus Christ) were the most
complete ones that still lingered. His life and death gave us one of the most
popular religions — Christianity. Unfortunately, this source of knowledge was also
tested by bloody crusades, the horrors of inquisition and the commercial fun of
modern Baptists and Protestants. Only the image and life’s rules of Jesus Christ
remained pure and unforgettable. His story of ascending, his love for people, his
teachings and his whole life course (that is described in The Urantia Book) is the
Most important example for me — this is my Religion!