What is Evil?

Questions and answers

Dear Natalia, what is EVIL in the representation of human evolution?
Oleg, engineer and electrician from Zhytomyr

Hello, Oleg.
Evil is the negative energy field generated by human thought. It affects the person
and the World around him. The result can be fast or it can stretch for many years
or even generations! Many karmas of personalities are tied to the energy of past
lives’ Evil.
The subconsciousness of a person, soaked with such a field, causes him to make
deeds that are leading to destruction. Such a person would be sick very often,
would suffer and because of that, evil in him would be growing. As a rule, such
people cannot find the reasons of that in themselves. They usually blame
everyone else and they are angry at the whole world! This is the vicious circle of
the Evil generator. It is very difficult to break out of it, but it is Possible and