The Treatment of a Disease

Life Tips

Let’s break down what is a disease. It is a disruption in the energy balance of human. For example, if a person experiences financial difficulties, then the third Chakra, which is responsible for both the financial condition and the functioning of digestive organs. When Chakra is blocked, it does not fill the corresponding organs with energy, and they begin to fall sick.

Modern scientists have proven that if a person is being worried and angry, then his immune system is getting weaker, and that is how diseases are starting. Chakras are energy batteries, so to speak. They receive energy from the space of the Universe and the depths of the Earth, and then pass it to our bodies; we receive only 10-30% of the needed energy from food we consume, and the remaining 70% we receive from space. Energy is the primary food for organism!

I cover this subject in detail on our courses, where I explain to people the direct connection of their physical organism with the Spiritual world. The Spiritual world is the primary world, and our physical life is the manifestation of it. If there were no God, there would be no us!

If you suffer from any diseases, then, as a rule, the reason of this is in yourself! Yes, that is right! Of course, there are always many reasons, but the ultimate source is yourself. When you realized that, you need to get rid of everything that is destroying You, to reconsider the values of life and to wish all people everything you want for yourself. After that, you will certainly be healthy!

I am working with patients by applying my own methods and, as a rule, using my energy and energy of the Divine Forces. The treatment of certain diseases requires from me from three to ten sessions depending on the complexity of the disease.