The Purpose of our Courses?

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Our courses is a New Birth of a Human! A new view of the world, where you get knowledge about the world’s structure, about the creation of man, about the interrelationship between spiritual and physical worlds, about the creation and origins of life on Earth and in the Cosmos. You are learning the Laws of the Universe. We teach you to apply these Laws in everyday life, changing it for the better. We also analyze the reasons of suffering, illness, disenchantment, failure and we eliminate their consequences in your life with the help of special techniques.


Courses are a conscious work and study, which are immediately giving an excellent result.

There are a few stages of study:


Stage 0, «COURSE OF NEW KNOWLEDGE» – for this course we are inviting people, who has inner potential and desire to develop. In order to join a group, a person needs to pass an interview, which should determine whether he is ready to consciously change his life and move forward or he is already happy with the level of his existence and there were other reasons to come: wealth problems or just boredom.


During the classes on this course, a person receives a basic knowledge about the structure of the Universe, the origin of life, the presence of subtle energy fields around us and their influence on people. Also, a person learns the true story of Jesus Christ’s life and his teachings. The course provides an opportunity to learn to manage your internal state with the help of original techniques; to correct past mistakes, to get rid of bad habits and to reach a new level of perception of the world around.


Stage 1, «HARMONY» – Natalia Rodina personally selects people for this course from those who have passed Stage 0 and who already has a certain energy training. The time for achieving the required Stage is different for all people, so those, who were not accepted on the next course immediately, should not be upset. It is necessary to study methodically and then achieve a positive result.


More special methods of managing your physical health and psychological state are given at the first stage; people are learning methods of controlling external events and correcting energy fields. The trainees are acquiring knowledge about the structure of a person at the cellular level and about genetic transmutation, they study the initial forms of the philosophy of the Universe.


Stage 2, «LIFE IN DEVELOPMENT» – Natalia Rodina personally selects people for this course from those who have completed Stage 1 and have already reached a special energy preparation.


The second stage forms in a person new qualities of understanding and perceiving of the world. Special practices are allowing you to manage events in your life and help people close to you. Original techniques are developing non-ordinary abilities (intuition, clairvoyance, healing, etc.) in students. The knowledge that is given at the second stage is based on the deep sources of the structure of the Universe and its Laws, as well as on the research in the field of wave genetics and torsion fields.


Stage 3, «Ascending» – in order to get to this stage, it is necessary to reach a certain internal potential and energy stability on your own after the second stage.


This course have a direction of Spiritual Development and achievement of high levels of enlightenment. The methodology studied at the third stage have a powerful energy force of reality formation, and along with a great potential of Divine Love they help with the development of special abilities of a person and with application of these abilities to help other people.


Beginning with the 4th stage, all courses are closed; the admission for them takes place according to a special, individual methodology.


There are also a number of specialized courses:


THE «FAMILY HAPPINESS» COURSE – this course is designed for men and women, whose destiny has developed not as they wanted, and who have an inner desire to find Love and Happiness in their life, to achieve harmony in the family or to understand what feelings are making them search for answers to many questions. Natalia Rodina is helping everyone in finding an answers to these important questions. Despite that the courses seems very narrow focused, the issues we are looking into, as a rule, have a wide range of life situations and global categories.


THE «HEALING» COURSE – is a course for those who want to develop the initial abilities to help people or for those who already have such abilities. Natalia Rodina is teaching skills of strengthening the development of special sense organs, she is also teaching methodologies of diagnostic and ways of treating the sick organs. Recommendations and techniques of healing are given after individually determining the abilities of each student.


THE «FINANCIAL SUCCESS» COURSE. The wealth status of a person determines his Spiritual level, and the Spiritual level determines his wealth. Special course, «Financial success», was created to provide a balanced development of these levels.


Created as a training course for a narrow circle of people with serious financial problems, now it has taken the form of a specific training course. Remarkably positive results of the students of these trainings (ones who were seeking for a job, received exactly those offers they dreamed of: those who wanted to start their own business received the necessary support, unsettled financial conflicts were resolved in their favor, etc.) paved the main idea of the two-level course of successful solution of material side in human’s life by executing all the methodologies created by Natalia Rodina, in which the Spiritual knowledge and the exact material laws of our world are closely connected.


The first level of this course teaches special techniques and a psychological basis for attracting material welfare. The second level forms the material stability and the development of person’s Spirituality on the foundation of the financial success that was created by him.


This course is not a part of the general program of the Spiritual Path in our Center. We can consider it as a separate group of knowledge, which provides an understanding and education of harmony between the Soul and material welfare in a person.