A Man and a Woman. Simple Secrets of Happiness

Life Tips

«God created mankind in his image and in his likeness» (Genesis 1.26)

Dear readers! In these, at first glance, simple words from the Bible, the deep truth of the creation of man in the Universe is concealed. Two beginnings – masculine and feminine, two energies of Yin and Yan, white and black – these are the symbols of opposites which together are making a Creation. The Life of our and other worlds with the help of the Higher Mind: the interaction and  the merge of energies of the Creator of the Paradise Trinity and the Supreme Mother Spirit. We all are also beginning and continuing to create the human race thanks to the male and female beginnings. This is an inseparable creation that must evolve together, bringing a new life into the world.

Lots of single men and women are drawn to our Center of Spiritual Development, "The Path to Perfection". They are coming for help, so they can understand and eliminate the causes of loneliness, looking for the opportunity to find a loved one. How to create a strong family, where a human can not only satisfy their passion, but they could also follow the path of development and perfection? These are the questions we are dealing with. In order to solve this problem, the person should determine the following questions for himself: What does he want? How does he see his future partner?

A main thing is to determine if your own personality match to a partner in your imagination.

There is a saying: "If you want to have a king, you must be a queen yourself".  This saying is clearly reflecting the situation of male and female happiness. It is necessary to match to the partner that we imagine ourselves. Everything in our world is created according to the laws of God: «like attracts like» or, in other words, «the creator is identical with the creation». This is the secret of your happiness!

Each person has his own «destiny», the person who would come and  beautify your life. You attract this fateful person at the subconscious level, and you should not just wait and believe for this person to come, but you also must match the image of the person you’re waiting for.

When I am talking to the people, everyone of them want themselves good husbands and wives, but whether they match their own dreams? That is the question!

Become such a person that you see your partner like, and you will meet them.

There are also mechanisms for self-regulation and management of your own live, which are accelerating these life processes.

For example, the mechanism for the formation of external events allows you to plan and program your life, create a hologram of future events. This is how the law of the Creator works: what is below is like the one above and what is above is like the one below. This law explains how the visualization of our thoughts affects what is happening in our lives and how to manage it. We do teach all these laws and mechanisms in our Center.

Loneliness does not suit a person at any age. Our biological organism works in such a way that we need a close relationships to have a proper hormonal balance. If we will look into the human biological structure, we will see that organism is designed according to the following system: 50$ of female hormones and 50% of male hormones. Female hormones in the female body are produced by the body itself, but we receive male hormones during sexual contact with a man. When woman doesn’t have this balance, her female hormones are starting to attack her organism, destroying the nervous system in the first place. Similarly, men need female hormones, but not more than the organism needs. If a man has too much female hormones, both his chest and belly will be growing.

For your information, I want to say that beer consists only of female hormones (they are artificially created with the help of beer production’s chemical synthesis). If a man would drink a beer, his belly and chest will grow; as for a woman, beer is additional female hormones that attack the body, and you will notice that women become more aggressive and irritable as soon as they drink beer.

Married couples, who cannot harmonize their relationship, are also reaching out to us. Their conflicts are very different, but the reasons are always the same.

As a rule, people are trying to be a leader in the family, to take control in their own hands. This is one of the main mistakes of relationships! If a human Ego begins its illusory governing activity, it produces aggression and conflicts. Yin cannot be more than Yan and vice versa; otherwise, will be no harmony! In order to ensure that the family is strong, mutual understanding, respect and love are necessary. These are the qualities that create harmony in the family hearth. However, when there is a struggle for primacy, such a family won’t exist for long, it will break up.

My dear friends, we are creating our own lives!

Our world is created thanks to mechanisms and energies that our everyday life is also obeying to.

Let’s consider a pessimistic and an optimistic person. Whose life is easier to live? You will say, of course, an optimistic person’s. So now here is the question: who is not letting you be an optimist? You will say that the government is bad, life is hard, etc. Everyone around will be guilty, but in fact – you should blame yourself. Anyone who is looking for a way out of difficulties (which are not given without a reason) will find it; the door will be opened for the one who’s knocking! A person who is looking for someone to blame, will never be able to help himself. It is necessary to look inside yourself and ask, what did I do to be happy?

My friends, the world that we live in is the world of chaos, and you need to learn how to manage your life, you must match to your inner state of harmony.

People want happiness, but they are evil like dogs! That is why evil and sickness are formed around them (the Creator is identical with the Creation).

My advices to you:

1. Learn to control your emotions.

2. Do good both mentally and really, help others disinterestedly, do not remain apathetic to the problems of others.

3. Develop yourself spiritually by exploring the world and its laws.

4. Be pure in your heart and mind.

5. Love each other as yourself.


These are the advices that will always help you!

I would like to note, that many people resort to spells and magic. I should tell you, that, firstly, these results are temporary, because they are coming against the will of other persons, and secondly, You or even Your children will have to pay for it! If you cannot create a family, then you must sort it out in yourself, as the reason is only in you; as soon as you realize it and make certain steps towards it, your beloved will immediately come into your life!

My friends! In this world, just like in the other worlds of the universe, it is necessary to develop, evolve and grow spiritually. There are families, which have no development, no understanding, no love. Such relationships is depressing people, making them suffer. It is not right! How can you develop harmoniously, if you have a scandal every day? They portray theatrical well-being for their relatives and friends, but they have an cordial dislike for each other at night. There is degradation and destruction of people in such families. So what to do now? It is necessary to break such relationship, and to move forward on your own way with God in soul, move without fear and remorse, thanking the fate for the provided lesson.

After that, your life will reach a new level of development. The main thing is not to be scared! Heavenly Father will not leave a good person and will always help you in every situation.

May Heavenly Father and Angel of Love bless You!