Having Difficulties in Your Life? Change yourself...

Life Tips

My dear friends!

Looking at your difficulties, I want to give You a couple of advices on how to solve them. Do not criticize the outer world! It has a strong influence and pressure on You, thus you have difficult situations. Everything in space is happening according to the laws. So, if You judge someone, You will take the place of this person! The creator is identical with creation (the law of God). You must understand, that if we had to be born in this era,  in this world and to live with these governments, than it means that we need to acquire experience of living in this era. There is a past that needs to be redeemed, and a certain situation in the world might be necessary for this. As a rule, those people, who are incarnating right now, lived 500-1000 years ago.  That was a terrible era of the Middle Age, where chaos, fear, betrayal, cruelty and reprisals of the Inquisitions reigned. Many people participated in all these processes of violence over others, and now they are coming to this life in order to redeem their past.

The question is how?


It is necessary to show mercy, care and love, to help each other and never criticize nor judge people. Since you have your own karma and others have their own, they also need to realize and understand something. Just try to find something beautiful in the world, because it is always there. 


Let’s get back to the previous era. People’s lives were difficult: poverty and deadly diseases were wiping out the people. Now look at the cars people driving and the houses they are living! Civilization advanced very far! The inventions of mankind made human’s work easier and they improved our lives.  Isn’t it beautiful?


You’ll say, that earning money and feeding the family became difficult.

I’ll answer: You are the only ones to blame that it is difficult for You! That is why there are difficulties, so we can realize the mistakes and vices: pride, arrogance, greed, self-love, etc. When You will admit and get rid of them, the world around You will change.


Firstly, you need to change the way you think, because it all starts with it – we can create miracles with our thought! There is a proverb, "We live the way we think", and that is a truth! So think about the beautiful, plan and visualize the beautiful events of your life and do not feel fear! Never think about would your plan work or not. Just believe that everything will be the way You planned! It, for sure, will! Our brain is not only perceiving the world, but also programming it. Consciousness could do everything; it has 98 senses of perception, but only 5 of them work, plus some people have a sixth sense of intuition. Just think about what abilities are hidden in us! We are creating the wonders of our lives with a thought.


 Always be in a straight psycho-emotional state! Control not only your thoughts, but also speech and what and to whom you are saying! Destructive (abusive) words are destroying both You and the world with their energy, so You will bear the punishment again. Our chakras react to the sounds (words).


Chakras are energy batteries, so if they doesn’t work well, then we are losing energy balance and immediately getting sick. Nothing happens without a reason. If there is a reason, there is consequences. Do good and love each other without criticizing or judging!


Be pure in heart, open and noble, and the world will open towards you.


A person who is dissatisfied with something is malicious, irritable and cannot be happy. Even if this person is financially wealth, he will spend these money on the hospitals and doctors. Do you need that kind of wealth?


There is also another way: first, sit and think of the reason of your difficulties, illnesses, etc. Find the cause in yourself, in your nature and the way you treat people. Look into yourself and honestly admit everything to yourself.  Realize and mentally ask forgiveness to everyone offended by you. That is how the first step towards happiness is done!


Step two: plunge into a calm state and think the events You are looking for. Create a plan and start following it, gradually completing it. Because of that, the world will change for the better and will adjust your life.


Everything I am advising you is the proven mechanisms of mind and behavior.


Let’s consider two people: an optimist and a pessimist. Who’s life is better to live?


You’ll say, an optimist’, and it is actually like that.


So be an optimist too! The world is beautiful!


Learn to take a passed events as a lessons, with which you must to learn something. Even a homeless or a drunk could be useful to us, as they show what not to do and what it might lead to. Everything in this world has consistent pattern.


The era we are born in, is a judging period that will last from 100 to 1000 years, and during this time those who should make a choice towards spiritual development and perfection will be born, as the Planet has stepped into a new level of Spiritual development. The earlier people will realize that, they better it will be for them. Watch the movie called "Conversations with God"; it is based on a true events and maybe it will teach you something.


Do not forget the laws of God and the Universe:


Free will is the right of choice.

The force of the action is equal to the force of the counteraction.

We reap what we sow.


These are the foundations, on which the world (and not only ours) holds!


Explore and learn the processes around you; look for the truth, learn it, and

it will teach you to be happy.


I wish you joy, happiness and love, my dear friends!