Vegetable Stew


Very interesting set of energy and healing properties. You can consider it either as an independent dish or as a delicious side dish. Spices are giving an oriental flavor, and melted cheese emphasizes the European respectability!

Potato: 4 pcs.
Onion: 1 pc.
Carrot: 1 pc.
Eggplant: 1 pc.
Squash: 1 pc.
Cabbage: 200 g.
Tomato: 2 pcs.
Hard cheese: 50 g.
Sour cream: 2 tablespoons.
Lean oil: 5 tablespoons.
Salt, pepper, bay leaves, tomato sauce, spices.

Pour lean oil on the heated frying pan and fry potato in it until a golden crust (photo 1).

Add the onions and carrots (photo 2) and fry for five more minutes (photo 4).

One by one add chopped squash, eggplant (photo 3) and cabbage (photo 5), then cover it with a lid and stew for 10 minutes (photo 6).

In the end, add sour cream, spices and grated cheese (photo 7, 8), and then leave it for another 2 minutes (photo 9).

And it is done! (Photo 10).

Now, you can serve it to the table.