Fisherman’s Dream


This is an unusual and very tasty fish dish. A confident beet base on below, and an aristocratic cheese coat made of sesame and cornflakes on top of the fish create an unusual flavor ensemble. Such a dish will turn any fishy Thursday into a holiday!

Sea pike: 1 pc.
Beet: 1 pc
Sour cream: 3 tablespoons.
Mayonnaise: 2 tablespoons.
Corn flakes: 2 tablespoons.
Sesame: 2 tablespoons.
Hard cheese: 50 g.
Salt, pepper and seasoning for fish to taste.

Cut the fish into equal pieces. Marinate these pieces just like pieces of barbecue with mayonnaise (add salt, pepper and seasoning for fish to taste) for one hour.

Put the cut boiled beet rings on the baking tray and grease them with the sour cream (photo 1).

Put the pieces of marinated fish on top (photo 2).

Sprinkle with sesame and cornflakes (photo 3, 4).

Bake in a hot oven (180-200C) for 20-25 minutes.

Sprinkle with hard cheese.

Bake another 2-3 minutes (photo 5).

Decorate with herbs and serve the dish on the table (photo 6).