Cabbage Rolls #7


Lenten cabbage rolls could be cooked with not only rice and mushrooms. This is another variation of cabbage rolls without meat. The recipe is very simple and the result is excellent! They do not say «the simpler, the better» for nothing. Why number 7? So no one would guess!

Cabbage: 1 pc.
Eggplants: 2 pcs.
Carrot: 2 pcs.
Onion: 1 pc.
Sour cream: 4-5 tablespoons.
Lean oil: 5 tablespoons.
Salt, pepper, bay leaves, tomato sauce and spices.

Steam cook cabbage until half-ready. Crop cuttings (photo 1).

Then cook the stuffing: pour lean oil on a hot frying pan and fry diced chopped eggplants, onions and grated carrots. Fry until done (about 10 minutes). Add salt and pepper. At the end, add a tablespoon of tomato sauce and sour cream (photo 2).

Wrap the stuffing in the cabbage leaves (photo 3) and put it on the baking tray greased with sour cream (photo 4).

Blend the cabbage leaves with half a glass of water, in which cabbage was steamed. Then pour it all over cabbage rolls (photo 5).

Bake in a hot oven (180-200C) for 10-15 minutes.

Sprinkle with hard cheese.

Bake for another 2-3 minutes (photo 6).

Serve it to the table! (photo 7)