Broccoli Pyramid


Broccoli. This is the kind of cabbage, which nutritional properties are unmatched among other vegetables, and its young leaves are not inferior to spinach and regular cabbage. It is richer in protein than spinach, sugar corn and asparagus. Broccoli is an excellent dietary product for the prevention and treatment of oncological and cardiovascular diseases, nervous, gastrointestinal tract and metabolic disorders. The consumption of broccoli helps to prevent chronic lung diseases. That is what the Broccoli Pyramid consists of! Eat it and Be Healthy!

Broccoli: 1 pc.
Eggs: 2 pcs.
Corn flour: 5 tablespoons.
Sunflower oil for frying.
Salt, pepper to taste.

Cook whole broccoli in salt water to half-ready (for about 10 minutes).

Cut it into approximately equal parts (photo 1) and then envelope it in corn flour.

Mix the eggs and envelope broccoli in it.

Fry it on sunflower oil (photo 2).

Decorate it and serve on the table (photo 3).

Build a Pyramid (photo 4).