Who is a Boggart

Who is a Boggart

Dark silhouettes in the corridor, rustles in the middle of the night, disappeared objects, which just yesterday were lying on a prominent place. All this we assign to boggarts, character of child fairytales, legendary "keeper" of family hearth, invisible dweller of every home.  People are afraid of him, they love him, and they try to cajole or frighten him... So who is he, this Boggart — a legend, a fiction or manifestation of some other life?

I am often asked questions related to the existence, appearance and living of the "Boggart" or his similar manifestations - brownie, poltergeist, etc. Yes, they do exist. In the Higher Spiritual Spheres, they are called "Intermediate Persons". So, this is story about them.

Official science, religious teachings — they know very little about the present and the origin of these personalities, and I want to reveal to you their true nature. In order to understand this question, we need to go deeper into the history of our planet, when these personalities were created.

There is two main types of intermediate personalities — primary and secondary.

500000 years ago, when humanity had already populated all the continents of our planet, a committee of Higher Spiritual masters from the «Salvington» (Center of the Universe) was sent to Earth. They decided to establish spiritual teachers and mentors on the Planet for the development and spiritual evolution of the ancient Man. Soon after this, the Planetary Princes of Caligastia and Daligastia with 100 angelic assistants (the Caligastian hundred) arrived under the control of Satan and Lucifer. Within 10 (terrestrial) days physical bodies based on plasma were created for them. A hundred people voluntarily donated their plasma to teachers, and serious work on the development of an ancient man began on the Planet. People were taught to sow and harvest, to tame animals, to cook food, to build dwellings, etc., and at one of the stages, they realized that their hands are not enough to keep order on the whole Planet. Then they united their morontia, spiritual bodies and created personalities that were invisible to ordinary people, but they were visible to the Caligastian hundred. These personalities settled in people’s homes and helped track their actions, telling spiritual figures about the progress of their doings or violations in the actions of a human. They no longer reproduced, and their creation was not related to sexual relationships (for evolutionary genetic selection, as in humans). These are primary personalities.

Afterwards, the Caligastia hundred was crashed after the Lucifer rebellion, but that’s another story. These personalities remained on the Planet and still live here.

Now we will find out, how secondary intermediate personalities emerged.  

35000 years ago, Adam and Eve came to the Garden of Eden (the area of the Mesopotamian Gulf) on the Planet. The situation on the Planet at that time was complex: humankind had reached moral decay after the uprising and the Planet needed to be saved. A new race of people was needed for this. Construction of the Garden of Eden took a hundred years, and when everything was ready, Adam and Eve arrived to create a new race of humanity. They lived on the Planet for more than 500 years, and they gave birth to many children (a total of 1600 pureblood descendants of Adam and Eve were born on the Planet: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren).

Many children born in their family had the ability to be both visible and invisible. They could not have descendants, and after the death of their physical body they remained at the morontia level with the possibility of manifesting themselves on the physical form. These descendants of Adam, who had such extraordinary opportunities, were called secondary intermediate personalities.

They got their name because of their position — they exist between people and angels. Intermediate personalities are the helpers of Spiritual Personalities. They possess the super abilities of telepathy, teleportation, clairvoyance and claircognizance, they can stay in our and parallel worlds.

Their objective, their job is to help in the development of man; they have an ability to lead a person to the path of spiritual evolution. They take good care of good people and help them in life.

They frighten and punish people who violate laws of God — we call their manifestation as Poltergeist. They are personalities of First stage, they have a great power, and if a person have a destructive way of life, they punish him. Personalities of the Second times are visible sometimes — Boggarts, Wood Goblins, Mermaids, etc.

So why are they called intermediate? These personalities are no longer people, they have passed the stage of human life evolution (but in other worlds and on other planets) and now they must fulfill a certain cycle of tasks on our Planet, so they can become angels after that. They do not reproduce or die; simply they were created in two stages and just continue working with people in their development. When will their service term end? We can say anything about our Planet’s future, but no one will interrupt God’s plan. Now our Planet is going through another stage of its evolution, when a new race of people who will become spiritual teachers and mentors is also born. Humankind will survive the stage of chaos, selection and disintegration, after which our Planet will reach a new "Light and Life" status, where there will be no prisons or police, no greedy and vicious servants of Lucifer.

The New race will summon Love in the hearts of ordinary people, but those people who will keep serving the "Divide and Rule" law, will just leave the path of life and will not reproduce. Humankind will achieve perfection in its development. Goodness, joyfulness and high culture will be ruling people’s consciousness. Humanity will overcome death and people, having reached a certain high status of spiritual development, will merge with the Adjuster of consciousness and then leave for highly spiritual worlds. This is the mechanism of the "Bright Flash of Light", when body is being transported to other planets. There will be only one language across the Earth, the population will not exceed one and a half billion people overall the Planet. Only one child will be born per family, there will be no diseases, people will live 500, 600, 1000 years. That is the time when our dear friends, Intermediates of our Planet, will leave the Earth.

I want to share with you my experience of meeting a Boggart.

About 15 years ago, I saw such a person. It was sitting in a chair and staring at me. That is when I laid down on the sofa and wanted to fall asleep. Then I had a very strong feeling that someone was looking at me. I opened my eyes and saw a small man with a sharp, triangular face, small eyes; he was completely covered with curls. I did not see his mouth, because it was hidden behind his beard. I was seized by fear and horror, I felt that he understood all my thoughts and he realized that I was frightened. I was just speechless. Then he turned his head, as if looking into my eyes, smiled and disappeared into the door like a haze. He was always playing with me after this meeting: he knocked on glasses and dish and he hid things. Now at the house I live in, there is another Boggart, but his form is different — he looks like a big gray cat. He chose the place close to me and now he sleeps at my feet on the bed. These personalities are intelligent and more perfect then we, humans, are; they establish a place in an apartment, from where they move to other worlds. Sometimes, when I laid on his place, he did not allow me to fall asleep at first, but then I just began to fly away with my consciousness to another life, to another world where I could feel and see everything happening very clearly. I am trying not to abuse and violate his principles of life. Now I am no longer afraid of them, instead I treat them with respect. Many people leave milk for them or some other things. They take into account attention we give them, but not food. Their strength and energy are spiritual, so they do not eat food, but they do like attention and respect of the inhabitants of the house. For them it is very easy to invade in our thoughts and to find out everything about us, sometimes even the things we do not know about ourselves.

We, humans, rarely think about how many variants of Life development exist in universe, what are the stages of Life’s Evolution and Manifestation at the different levels in different Worlds. All this infinite diversity is controlled by the The Divine Hierarchy under the guidance of our Creator. Intermediate personalities, our sweet Boggarts, are only the smallest grain of sand in this great variety of Spiritual Ascension!