The Price of the Hippocratic Oath

The Price of the Hippocratic Oath

«I swear by Apollo, Asclepius, Hygieia, and Panacea, and I take to witness all the gods, all the goddesses, to keep according to my ability and my judgment, the following Oath. To consider dear to me, as my parents, ..... I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone. I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked, nor will I advise such a plan; ..... In every house where I come I will enter only for the good of my patients, keeping myself far from all intentional ill-doing and all seduction and especially from the pleasures of love with women or with men, be they free or slaves. All that may come to my knowledge in the exercise of my profession or in daily commerce with men, which ought not to be spread abroad, I will keep secret and will never reveal. If I keep this oath faithfully, may I enjoy my life and practice my art, respected by all men and in all times; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my lot.»

Hippocratic Oath (Herophilos, about 300 years BC)

Healthcare... What does this word stand for in today’s world and in Ukraine? What are we facing every day and what are they preparing us for in the future? Almost every day I am facing someone else’s grief and listening to incredible stories about the "feats" of our doctors, so I decided to tell you a few of them, which in my opinion are the most horrible manifestations of the capitalization of affairs and minds in such a seemingly pure industry as medicine. All these occasions are taken from my practice; names and places have been changed for ethical reasons.


  1. AIDS is the biggest mystification of 20th and 21st centuries.

This story was told to us by a famous psychotherapist, director of spiritually educational center called "Petropavlovskiy" Vyacheslav Borovskih.

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) does not exist, it is a fiction that was artificially created to destroy humanity. Some developed countries have come to a conclusion that our planet is under the threat of overpopulation and the resources are running out and, therefore, they may not be enough for all people.

The idea to somehow regulate the growth of the population on the globe appeared. The first talks about it were at Kimr press-conference, the task was to develop specific ideas and principles, under which it would be possible to control the birth rate on Earth. They came to conclusion that it is necessary to create an artificial threat to people’s existence, to come up with its causes and ways to fight it, and then it would be possible not only to regulate the birth rate, but also to build a business.

That is how Frenchman Luc Montagnier and American Robert Gallo created the idea of the human immunodeficiency virus. In 1983, they announced the discovery of this virus. The discovery itself was accompanied be a series of scandals, but this issue was resolved at the highest level; at the initiative of the US State Department, an international conference was convened to sign a resolution on the discovery of a new state of human immunodeficiency (HIV), which is caused by the virus. All scientists who arrived at the conference have signed this clause. The threats, ways of transmission and the extent of the disease were indicated in it. The project participants, America and France in particular, launched large-scale propaganda across the media about the new disease. About 500 billion US dollars were allocated from the budgets of different countries for this project to fight HIV. In 1985, Luc Montagnier and Robert Gallo have both abandoned their statement about the discovery of a new virus, but this was no longer needed for the concerned corporations, and this statement went unnoticed and a very little published.  Governments were creating centers and training departments for propaganda and detection of this virus. Artificially created antibodies of immunodeficiency were appearing, as well as drugs that allegedly treated this infection. However, it was always said that the virus is mysterious, that it behaves differently in the organism, and it is not always possible to identify it.

Nowadays every person is tested for HIV, but these test systems are a bluff, because they could react to any antibodies in human body, to any movement of the organism, and then the person gets into the trap of doctors who prescribe killing medication. These drugs, AZT, are killing healthy cells in the organism and destroying the brain. This is a poison for the body. A person cannot live long after that. AZT completely kills the immune system.

AZT affects all tissues and organs including blood-forming organs. People that took these drugs did not die from AIDS, but from these drugs. Supposed deaths from AIDS were caused by such common diseases as tuberculosis, pneumonia, intestinal infections, etc. People with these diseases were not treated, but killed with AZT. After all, the disease of immunodeficiency has always existed, and for example if you get a cold then this is an immunodeficiency in the organism and not an imaginary HIV infection. There are more than enough reasons for reducing immunity in humans: stresses, preservatives added to our food, alcohol and drugs, etc. There is an immunodeficiency in every child after any vaccination, but what does it have to do with the imaginary virus, which is not even created? In order to identify any virus, they grow bacterial cultures in a test tube (all doctors know about this), but this virus was not sown, as it does not exist!

Just imagine, a person was diagnosed with HIV, and that means that he will be stuffed with drugs that are destroying the body, and the very fact of identifying this disease leads to a terrible depression, which also lowers organism’s immunity. A person begins to perceive the world through the thought of the fact that he will certainly die soon. What if this is a child? Imagine what grief its parents would experience!


  1. Businessmen in white coats

There was a case in my practice. Woman with two-weeks-old twins approached to me. Her family was in a state of shock, when a mother was diagnosed with AIDS in maternity hospital. Ordinary people could not understand the source of this disease. Her children also got the same diagnosis. Galina, mother of children, said that in maternity hospital, they were forced to buy expensive medicines for AIDS and give them to children. She suffered humiliation and insults from medical personnel for allegedly hiding her illness from them. The woman was shocked with what she seen and heard. They did not want to provide service for her in maternity home, they did not want to let her in to her children, she began to insist on taking the children, and then she ran away from the hospital taking her children, Sofia and Maria. What to do now and how did they get this disease?

I checked on children and their parents and saw that they are completely healthy. I recommended them to go to an independent laboratory and take an HIV test.  They did so. The diagnosis was negative. This family came home happy. But what if they would have not left the hospital and would have not taken the children? What would have happened to them?

Misadventure of babies did not end on this. The girls caught a cold, so the children’s doctor at their local clinic prescribed the strongest antibiotics to six-month-old children! They were injected in three stages. The children organism’s weakened. The liver and kidneys inflamed, the body temperature increased, and no one could diagnose it, so doctors just in case prescribed the antibiotics once again. The mother brought her children to me again, and after four sessions, the children were completely healthy.

There are so many cases in my practice, which are simply shocking. Doctors allow themselves to «knock out» their patients with terrible diagnoses, such as cancer or AIDS, without even examining a person.

What is it? A simple callousness, a side effect of the «experienced» doctor or something else?

Probably, an experienced doctor should know that he could cure or kill a person with a word. Then there should be something else…

Here is another story. A woman came to a clinic. She was examined by the proctologist (very experienced and the only proctologist in this clinic), who diagnosed her with a malignant tumor, a cancer. However, neither blood tests nor biopsy was done. The doctor was looking at the woman’s reaction ruthlessly and unfeelingly. She did not eat or sleep for two weeks after her diagnosis. Then doctors ran some tests and pronounced the sentence – cancer, which should be removed. The woman asked me to take the glasses with biopsy results to transfer her for an operation in another clinic, as patients cannot take the results themselves. It was not easy, but I managed to do that. By the time I brought them to a new clinic, the woman had already undergone surgery. Repeated analysis showed the presence of a non-progressive benign formation. The only thing that kept woman’s relatives from beating the “quick” doctors was my persuasions.

Last year, I was a witness to a tragic event. A famous professor had a perforated ulcer. He had a surgery in the “Boris” hospital and an oncology was found in the late stage. Doctors told his relatives to prepare and take him home. After that, he was taken to the Oktyabrsky hospital for intensive care; a week later, they sent him home to celebrate the New Year and pass away. I managed to stop the growth of the tumor, and by mid-January, he could already get up from bed on his own. His relatives did not invite me for further treatment and did not accept my recommendations. They entrusted his observation to a resuscitator from the same hospital at a contractual rate to treat him only with droppers with a support solution. The professor died in February. Obstruction at the end of stomach was the reason of his death. After each operation, probing should be carried out to check both the accuracy of the performed operation and the functionality of all channels. Probing was not done in this case. After seeing the oncology, no one thought that he should live, so medics were thinking of him as of a dead man already! The food could not pass into the intestines, and a man’s life was only supported by solutions of the droppers, so he died just because of hunger.

How can they do such things? How can they live after that?

I will answer You! People, and not only doctors, have lost their honor and conscience. There are no morality and principles to live up to. Money is controlling everything.

On the surface, at the top of the medicine pyramid, there are lots of advertised expensive technical equipment such as computerized resuscitation, tomographs, laser scalpels, artificial lungs, artificial hearts, artificial kidneys… But there is catastrophically little of non-artificial mercy and sympathy to those who lay under this laser knife!

I often have to talk with therapists during my work. They all have income for the promotion of certain drugs. Pharmaceutical concerns conduct «enlightenment» work among the hospitals stuff and build their marketing campaigns based on attraction of medical workers, turning their work to a commercial platform. Prescribe a special drug to the patient – get a percentage! The days when doctors were proud of the saved lives are in past. Now their success is determined by knowledge of the sophisticated names of «cool» drugs and the ability to put the «right» diagnosis. All that describes the doctors, the people who took the «Hippocratic Oath». I am not even capable to write about ordinary workers of our medical institutions – it is beyond my control. Watching movies about the wild nature, you see how our little brothers come to the rescue to their wounded relatives trying to help with their suffering, to save from death. And then you see everything that is going on in the intensive care of our hospitals, the conditions and «requirements» there and the behavior of nurses… That is the real «jungle»!

When I am facing the collapse of human destinies in my practice, I can see what led a human to this. Inhumanity, ruthlessness towards themselves and others are leading to collapse, illness and death. No one is interested in the harmonious development of person; on the contrary, they advertise shameless vicious sexual acts on TV to sell condoms. Then they tell to twelve-year-old children in schools about how to use condoms. Where is the true morality and explanations that premature sexual relations are immoral shamelessness and are causing harm to health? They are showing the movies, in which sexual relations with strangers are normal relationships, saying it is experience and selection of the future life partner, «just do not forget to buy a condom». Our youth is growing up with this!

I am not even saying that 95% of boys and girls in schools are smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs and having sexual relationships. Who will grow out of this generation? What future will they build?

Our world is in state of terrible chaos and destruction. Each of us is destroying it. We will simply be dying out until we stop and think, until we restore the morality and development of the soul. We should not blame nature and the Cosmos in the catastrophes and cataclysms. We are causing it ourselves. That is true!

Death and destruction will be awaiting us, until we become kinder and more humane, until we learn to love each other and forgive others and ourselves. The Heavenly Father is fair, and those who live by the laws of God will be happy at any times, but those who breaks them will leave this world. That is why such changes are happening on the planet. Because people are lost. But whose hearts awoke, those are seeking for salvation in the studies of God, and they will find their salvation – «We reap what we sow»!

Give Love and Mercy to the World! This is the way out! Everything will return to you many times over! There will be no evil and disease! Each one of you, just think about this, look inside yourself and sort it all out for yourself. Repent and ask for forgiveness from people and from God!


Personal practice
Vyacheslav Borovskih (2005, Ekaterinburg) – «HIV/AIDS: Virtual Virus or Provocation of the Century? »