The Great Feelings — Love

The Great Feelings — Love

“Evil is the result of what happens when man does not have God’s love present in his heart.” – Albert Einstein.

The Great Feelings: Love, Faith and Forgiveness — all these qualities are primary in the Universe. Today we are going to talk about Love.

A Great Feeling that is ruling the world and creating life — this is Love! Watching over the world and people in it, I realized that this feeling is different for everyone, and everyone has their own way of understanding this state. I would like to tell you about the True Love and reveal this perfect divine feeling in Your hearts.

This word has an infinite amount of explanations:

Love is life and its breath,
Love is power and dedication,
Love is joy and sublimity,
Love is humility and sacrifice,
Love is unselfishness and generosity,
And it is possible to continue like that for a long time.

But the most important interpretation of the word “Love” is God!

Because of this feeling, the Heavenly Father is giving a part of himself, his energy, his mind in order to create and give Life into new worlds!

There is an infinite number of lives, the basis of which is Love, thanks to this quality. If we take a look on personalities of a higher development level like Angels, Seraphs, Archangels, etc., their souls are shining with a perfect Love, which is filled with patience and respect for us, as well as selfless service. Just think about how they love us, that being more perfect then us, they serve to develop us, so we could become the same as they are! These personalities does not see our bodies and characters, they see the qualities of our Souls and how capable are we of Loving, of creating Good, of showing selflessness and patience. They are so sad when they only see our vices: aggression, greed, revenge, hypocrisy and lies! Yes, my dear friends, these qualities are our main flaws!

Currently, people on Earth is so deep in these vices, that Love is only accepted in the context of sexual relationships! When you tell someone that you love him, he would only think of the act of reproduction. I do not reject this perception — in close relationships, Love should be the basis for the continuation of the human race; but right now, many people does not have this state of Love, still resorting to an act of intimacy, and this is completely immoral. I do not want to continue talking on this topic, but this is necessary, especially right now, when you can turn on your TV and see how all kinds of advertising, modern films and shows are soaked with insensitive lust.

People are imposed with sexual liberation to demonstrate the ease and to be irresponsible in sexual relations, which is making possible to control the human consciousness by acting on one of the strongest animal instincts. After that, it is easy to impose him all kinds of goods, medications, contraceptives; involve him in various TV shows; lure out money in voting for singers, where his opinion is based not on singer’s voice, but on “who has less clothes”, etc. Thus, a person is being taken away from his true destiny; descended to the level of primates and forced to think only about food and sex (just take look at the Ads on TV). By directing a person’s interest in the area of material instincts, he is being made a convenient controlled animal, who has a high self-esteem and who is evaluating others by their appearance, rather than their inner world. This way of development is the obvious degradation of Man.

The Heavenly Father created us in his own image and likeness, which means that there is a part of God in each of us, and this part is in our Soul. When our Soul is opened, the quality of Love is revealed in everything. Such a person is always ready to come to the rescue selflessly, not demanding anything for it.  He is ready to give everything he has, and it makes him happy. A person is able to live to make You feel good, to make everyone healthy and happy.

You must admit, no matter how much money or luxury we have, the state of love will not improve because of that, which means that there will be no peace and goodness in the Soul, and if we do not have that, then there is no happiness.

The multiplication of the material state does not increase the inner spiritual fullness; on the contrary, most people are becoming aggressive and greedier for their stuff.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that you should not strive for a secure life, but this path must be filled with good deeds; it should not lead you “through the corpses”, seeking for profit and luxury. For example, if you are running a company, the people working for you should receive a decent salary to feed their families. This is displaying of your state of Love. Of course, Your affairs should not be related to activities that are destroying a person. Act according to Conscience and Honor and be Wealthy!

Love inspires, making you want to live for another’s good. In this state, you do not suffer and do not have difficulties. This state harmonizes so much, that the Soul in us is shining with Light and Love, and our eyes are full of Life! Inner peace creates silence and pleasure. If people could rebuild their way of thinking, get rid of vices, then their soul would shine with Love — this is the state that makes us Happy!

Many people are talking about love, but everything should be approached skillfully: when a person is in love, he is not capable of criticizing and he does not seek for weaknesses in another person. The True Love is a state when you only see the good in the other person, and you are not noticing any shortcomings. Everybody has weaknesses; if people would not have them, then we would not be here!  We came here, so we ourselves could understand and sort our shortcomings out, and then correct them, but it is only possible when you are capable of Love!

My dear friends, our true nature is Consciousness, which is present in Love!

Developing this ability and quality in ourselves, we are becoming alike with God! Develop this quality in yourself, and it will give You blessing, which means you will no longer suffer, and those who are also shining with Love will come to Your life. They are capable of both helping and supporting. Then the World will come in a more perfect state of development.

The True Love cannot be two-faced; it is pure and sincere, selfless and open, capable of self-sacrifice and forgiveness!