Our World and Other Worlds

Our World and Other Worlds

Our world, as well as other worlds (dimensions), have a very simple structure, yet very complex. The Higher Mind controls everything; he gives a certain structure scheme, a hologram, to our and other spaces. All ten levels of space are permeated with atoms, electrons, photons and other elements of the formation. These elements are creating a density of small particles, which, pressed to each other, are constantly in a chaotic motion. This is so-called formation material for any kind of matter and subtle bodies. These particles are filling all our space, but in order to create matter, with the force of gravity and other energies (which are not yet discovered on our Planet) these particles unite according to a certain hologram created by God and his servants and create elements, in which energies are penetrating, creating dense substances.

There are many particles, and all of them are both different and the same, but the matter and its form depend on the structure of the hologram or, we can say, the program according to which they should be forming. And that is how matter is formed. If we change the hologram, then matter will change its composition, too. There are many spaces in the same world of the planet.

In these spaces, there are also the same particles as on the physical level, but the hologram by which they combine to create matter is completely different, that is why the world has a different density and different laws of being. The higher the space of the world, the more perfect and subtle it is; that means that matter has density, but very subtle compared to the physical standards of our physical world.

This leads to the conclusion that everything is being created and exists according to the laws of the Hologram (programs, according to which worlds are created).

So who is creating the hologram?

It is created by certain personalities, who were created by the Universal Father to execute this work. I should note that not only these personalities participate in the creation of worlds and universes, but also millions, billions of creatures, and each of them has its own task, which it fulfills without violating the laws of the universe.

There are certain spaces in the Cosmos, where certain particles, energies and forces being created, and then all this passes through the space of the Cosmos. There is a center in the Universe called Havona, in the middle of which a Paradise Island is situated. Turns out that all the particles came from this place. It is very hard for an ordinary person to imagine this Divine laboratory that creates these smallest constructive basics and generates energy forces of gravity, of electromagnetic and other fields. I can see these worlds, and I want to say that energy and power in there are constantly so huge that if they were manifested in the amount in which they exist, then everything in any of the worlds or galaxies would turn into dust of the smallest particles.  This power, this energy is coming to us in limited amounts as necessary, and perfect personalities from Havona are controlling this process.

Havona consists of millions of perfect worlds of the Central Universe, and they consist of the same particles as our world, but the hologram according to which they are created is completely different, therefore, the structures of these worlds are different. Higher and more complex types of energies, similar to the structure in the hologram of Paradise Island, are also involved in building.

All of us will reach these levels in the far future – in Eternity and Infinity. Time there is not the same as on Earth. Everything was, is and will be!

It is difficult for our minds to understand these measures and parameters.

Each person has a part of this space, hologram, energy, substance that are in Paradise, and our subconsciousness has a memory that we came from this space millions of years ago. This is our Soul, and it has a part of God, a part of perfection, which we should reveal and develop in the process of reincarnations – this is Evolution. We will reach the level of Paradise during this development, but not as a part of God, but as a Divine personality, which we were growing throughout the ages and eternities. That is the task of all worlds.

None of the worlds created in Universe are the same. They are all different just like holograms according to which the worlds were created, and these differences are creating the perfect beauty in the Universe! Due to this diversity, individuals have the opportunity to explore and learn the experience of other life formations, and the Creator can manifest his personality as well. In this process, it is necessary not only to understand the structure of the worlds, but also to learn to build and develop them, just as spiritual personalities do. This is the Universal Science of Higher Knowledge. The Divine Persons are giving this knowledge to the person when he is ready to receive and understand it.

 Where are these personalities? They inhabit certain planets of perfect worlds. They do not live in our space, because there are no suitable conditions for their stay. They establish a continuous information-energy connection with such worlds as ours. Information about our world comes through certain spiraling information channels of compressed space in form of realizing and understanding, but at the same time, they see the same image of what is happening or broadcast everything that is happening in the form of dynamic hologram. By the way, there is such a connection in Ierusem (the capital of our constellation).

The inhabitants of this world gather at the place from which broadcasts are performed (on the glass lake of Ierusem) and they communicate with the inhabitants of other perfect worlds. Ordinary personalities have no connection with our world, as the Urantia planet is in isolation, but the governing personalities have such a connection with us, and only the prepared and chosen residents of Urantia have contact with them.

This is a part of what I have been told about the structure of the worlds and life.

Just as a small grain of a sunflowers in a fertile soil grows into a large beautiful flower, so the grain of the Divine Spirit in human grows into the Perfect Spiritual Personality!