On the edge of the New Era (the transformation of Mankind and the Planet)

On the edge of the New Era (the transformation of Mankind and the Planet)

In this article, I am calling on everyone whose consciousness is have not yet fallen asleep or was destroyed, whose brain is still able to ask itself about their personal and family’s future, whose consciousness is not indifferent to what is happening in the world and to the future of the Earth’s humanity.

This article is not aimed at intimidating or frightening You. In this world, there are enough fears, threats, suffering and chaos.  In this publication, I want to show the reality of what is happening on our planet and its consequences for each of us individually.

Everyone speaks and fears the changes reported by American scientists from NASA and by the scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, as well as the ancient predictions of the prophets of China, Maya and many others.

So what is coming and what is waiting for all of us?

I have scrupulously studied this topic, and I will try to reveal You my representation of the future of our planet and humanity. All the facts that I will give you are real and they have confirmation!

First, let’s look at what style of life people have now, what their moral shape is, and what it leads to. Humankind is actively poisoning itself with toxins in food and drinks; poisoning itself with alcohol and smoking, not thinking about the damage it does not only to itself, but also to the future of its children, who are copying all the bad habits of their parents in their DNA and RNA.

Our organism is a very complex biological system that works according to certain programs, very similar to computer. Programs are coming to us through the light emanation of electromagnetic fields from the Cosmos. These programs include the coded tasks of the Universal plan of the development and evolution of humanity. When a person consume poisons and toxins at his own will, his organism is operating on other programs that are adapting and transforming according to his lifestyle. Everything we eat or feel is being encoded in the form of programs in our brain and is being recorded in DNA and RNA.

Here is an example for You: recently we were on vacation in Crimea, and a young family lived close to us. They had two small children. One child (a year and 8 months old) was irritable and it constantly cried.  After having examined it, I found out that its intracranial pressure was increased. What is the reason? The reason largely was in the parents of the child. Its mom regularly drank alcohol and smoked on the vacation. The child, as it develops, is constantly fed by its mother’s energy until the age of 14, and if she is having a headaches in the mornings, then two-year-old child will have intracranial pressure too. The child’s father was also drinking from the early morning until late night. How could this child grow up healthy, if he already has a program of dependence on alcohol, and could he be healthy at all? The strangest thing that I found out having a conversation with these people is that they know about the dangers of alcohol and smoking; moreover, they work as doctors! However, they continue to destroy themselves and their children. Unfortunately, such people constitute up to 90% of our society.

Looking at this picture, I feel sad:

  • Where are we going? What are we doing?

  • What we brought our planet and ourselves to?

  • How will all of it end?

It will end with changes that have already begun to happen. People does not know and do not want to know how everything works and who control it. I will try to unveil the managing system to you.

Our Galaxy is a huge flat formation with a central thickening that has a diameter of about 30 thousands parsecs, which consist stars, rarefied gas, cosmic rays and dust. We are situated almost in a flat of its symmetry at a distance of 2/3 of the radius from the center.

In the part of the Galaxy, where the Sun is situated, there are several spiral arms, along which there are clusters of young stars and clouds of interstellar gas and dust. The hot stars of constellation of Orion form the so-called Orion Arm, on the edge of which both our Sun and our planet are located.

The control center of our Solar system is controlling our development from the middle of the Orion constellation. These are the spiritual Angelic personalities of the Great White Brotherhood, which controls and drives our development. These is an even higher grade of control, which is in the infinite consciousness of the Higher Mind.

The Brotherhood of the Angels-Administrators is watching our planet and seeing how we destroy ourselves with our own hands. Thus, our planet’s evolution plan, where each person in a result of his evolution must come to a new stage of evolution in the Higher Worlds of the Universe, is being broken. Therefore, they determine the degree of measures taken to save the planet and humanity; but is it possible to save a drug addict, an alcoholic, a murderer, etc.? The answer comes by itself. These persons are not needed in the Higher Worlds, they would not adapt to the energies of light, because of which these worlds exist. Their darkness and aggression are only capable of destroying, and destruction is not welcome there. There are only Divine love, harmony and joy. If a person has not achieved these qualities in himself in this life, how can he be saved and where should he be forwarded with his evil? Considering the tendency of people’s massive moral fall (it must be admitted, that this is happening all over the world), spiritual personalities are looking at what is happening and taking measures to provide assistance for development of those whose mind and soul are awakened in order to give these people an opportunity to come to the Higher Worlds and move forward according to the Divine plan. So what will happen to the most of the world’s population?

The scientists of many countries are concerned by the fact that the Earth’s electromagnetic field is very actively weakening for the past 10 years. They do understand how dangerous this is for our planet. After all, the Earth’s electromagnetic field controls lives of humans, animals and plants.

The modern mechanism of the emergence of the geomagnetic field of the planet most fully describes the model of self-excited generator that is “working” in the outer core of the Earth. With the development of geophysical research methods, it was determined that the outer shell of the core is in the liquid state. The disintegration of radioactive elements inside the core leads to the hitting of its substance, while the outer shell retains a lower temperature. Of course, convective flows are arising – the cold masses from the periphery of the core tend to descend to its center, and a hot substance rises up from the depth of the core towards the cold masses. The rotation of the Earth has a different effect on the velocity of the masses in the core. Moreover, the substance is moving faster on the outer shell than in the core, so the liquid rising from the center of the core slows down its peripheral layers; the descending cold streams, on the contrary, accelerating the inner layers. Thereby, the inner part of the core rotates faster than the outer one, and as a result, a similarity of the dynamo machine is formed. Self-excitation of electric currents in this machine is creating the magnetic field of our planet.

The magnetic field of our planet has a complex form, called a dipole. It is created by two infinitely large magnetic monopoles located close to one another, or by a circular electric current of infinitely large force and infinitesimal radius. The charges in the Earth’s core are not moving fast, so the current is not large, but the radius of movement is very large. Even this large radius is small in comparison with the Earth’s radius. This does not mean that the dipole moment is necessarily the most addendum in this sum. In some circumstances, it might even disappear completely. For example, it happened on the Sun 10 years ago. For almost a year, from March 2000 to February 2001, the Sun did not have both northern and southern magnetic poles. Periodically, something similar happens on the Earth. Actually, it happens much less often than on the Sun. On the Sun, the magnetic poles are changing places every 11 years. Approximately 740,000 years ago was the last time the magnetic poles changed places on the Earth. Right now, there are indications that it is time to experience it again. During the last hundred and fifty years, the dipole moment of the Earth’s magnetic field decreases by approximately 0.5% every 10 years. The geomagnetic Pole of the Earth does not match with the geographic ones. Thus, in 2007, the Northern magnetic pole was located in the Canadian Arctic archipelago, moving to the northwest at a speed of 40 kilometers per year; the Southern magnetic pole was located close to the coast of Antarctica, south of Australia, and it was moving at a speed of 5-10 kilometers per year.

The pole shift is accompanied by a change in the configuration of the magnetic field. Much more cosmic particles dangerous to all living organisms penetrate the Earth during the “transition period”, and the planet may die because of that. One of the hypotheses explaining the disappearance of dinosaurs says that the giant reptiles died out during another pole change.

I want to tell You, that the planet will not die!

However, catastrophes are coming and already beginning! Over the past 150 years, the Earth’s magnetic field has weakened by 10%; a stain has formed in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Brazil, where Earth’s magnetic field has weakened by a third, creating an area of eight million square kilometers. This is the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), a region of intense radiation that is caused by a “failure” in the Earth’s magnetic field, located close to the coast of Brazil (the so-called “terrible whirlpools” – these are areas of the Earth, on which inexplicable phenomena are happening very often). The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) is one of such whirlpools. However, unlike the Bermuda Triangle and the Sargasso Sea, which are known for malfunctions in navigational equipment and the disappearance of aircraft and ships, the South Atlantic Anomaly is known for malfunctions in the equipment of spaceships and satellites, as well as mysterious physical phenomena, which are constantly reported by astronauts.

This is the place where the orcas are often being washed ashore and as a result, they die.  Animals of this and other species, for which magnetic fields are the direction of movement, are being disoriented because of a change or deflection of the polarity vector; that is why they are massively washed ashore, and birds are flying past their nesting grounds.  

According to NASA satellites’ surveillance, the South Atlantic Anomaly changes and continuing to grow. All these facts indicate that our planet is preparing for a change of poles. This will lead to destruction and changes in the structure of the continents.

Right in the place, where this spot develops, the sunken Atlantis is located. In the books of Knowledge, it is said that Atlantis will rise from the bowels of the ocean, and those who have saved the life will be able to behold this Divine island.

What is going to happen to the human when cataclysms will come?

The person will be altered. New codes and programs that will lead a person to a new level of living and perception are going to be entered from Space in DNA and RNA with the help of electromagnetic waves of light. Only spiritual people will be able to adapt to these programs and frequencies, as the programs will contain information about the spiritualization and the new development of man. They will be preparing and modelling the human body for a new life in higher worlds.

Our Sun will weaken its electromagnetic field too, and Sun will enter the zero point of reference, where the intensity of its heavy radiation will be minimal, so our planet will be able to be reborn.

When the planet will reach the Sagittarius constellation (this occurs every year in December) during the active transformation, the rays of the Divine light will be filling our planet and everything on it. This Light has special strong frequency characteristics, and, of course, unprepared people, which are the majority of humanity, will suffer. Pure-hearted people will wear on their physical body a new “garment”, made of white Divine light.  Life of such people will be preserved, and they will become a new race of humanity that will continue its life in the Father’s Mansion worlds when the time of their escape from this world comes.

Now ask yourself:

  • Are you ready for these changes, which are already happening?

  • Are those, who are poisoning themselves every day, ready for this? Will they be able to adapt to the new conditions of life? Is their consciousness ready to get a body of light and serve God? Because the world in which these people live is created by God!

Of course, my friends, such people will be massively leaving this world; the natural catastrophes that are already happening and the rapidly developing oncological diseases are contributing to this process. Their subtle bodies will again turn into eons, and they will no longer exist as personalities. When the time comes, their energies will be recreated on some planet in other worlds with more complex conditions of existence; they will begin their evolution for the very beginning once more – from microorganism to human, and this will take millions of billions of years.

A spiritual person will be rescued and will be able to adapt to the life in a new era of development.

I talk and write about this a lot, hoping that at least a few will think about the meaning of their lives and, having repented, will take the path of development of their Consciousness and Soul.

I created my own classes, which are directed precisely on showing people a different path, giving them knowledge and understanding of present and future of a humankind. There is no time left, the processes on the planet have already begun, and I really want that there would be as many rescued as possible. May those who will be given a new life, bear a fruit to Heavenly Creator and put it on altar of Divine love, and those who came to this world with a sword, will be perished by the sword!

Decent, kind and spiritual people will be given a new peace on our planet, and the blood of Adam will give birth to a new race of humanity that will reach the heights in spiritual development and will lead our planet into the “Age of Light and Life”, which will be determined by the Divine Law “Create and be Blessed”.