Jesus Christ – Man, Archangel, God

Jesus Christ – Man, Archangel, God

My dear friends!

I am writing this article on the eve of the day of the Jesus Christ’ Resurrection.

I would like to tell the truth of his life on Earth. Most people have no idea who it was — a Person or a God? Who was crucified on the cross? The information to which I will refer is taken from the Bible and the Urantia book.

Jesus (Yeshua ben Yosef) was born on August 21, 7 years before our era in the family of noble people — Mary and Joseph. At that time, they were one of four families that had both common folk blood and noble blood. Joseph was just a carpenter, but in Mary’s veins, there flowed truly noble blood of her ancestors, Adam and Eve. The future parents met each other when Joseph was repairing the roof in the house of Mary’s parents. Young people liked each other and in two years (the usual period of courtship, according to the Jewish laws) they had a wedding. Joseph was a very calm and restrained person, and Mary was cheerful and waggish. They had a beautiful family that gave birth to eight children.

After the wedding, Mary and Joseph moved in their new house in Nazareth, where Mary and Joseph conceived their first-born son. Yes, that is right! Jesus’ Earthly father was Joseph, so Jesus had Joseph’ and Mary’ blood flowing in his veins.

Just before the birth of Jesus, the archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her, that she will soon give birth to a son and will call him Yeshua (Jesus) and that he will be the Son of God, the Savior of the World, the King of Peace! Mary told about this to her husband, who at first did not believe in his wife’s dream and the possibility of the birth of a Divine child. Joseph accepted her vision only after an extraordinary dream, where the Heavenly Messenger spoke to him and confirmed the words of Mary. After this, Joseph never doubted the words of Mary, and they began to wait for their first-born child. In the middle of August, Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to visit the relative of Mary, Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist), and also to come to the census of the Roman Empire that was help at that time by officials of King Herod.

On August 19, they were already on the way. They arrived quickly and then spent the night in one of the inns of Bethlehem. Mary spent the night of August 21 in anxiety, and at noon, she gave birth to a boy. Therefore, Jesus was born.

The child was growing up healthy, developing well and he was even excelling his peers. Although Mary remembered Gabriel’s visit, she also was wondered at the extraordinary wit and intelligence of the growing Jesus, who had many talents and knew many languages. He also had a favorite flute, which he liked to play. Joseph’s family had eight children, but Jesus was different from them with perseverance, boldness and kindness. Jesus was a great friend and a just defender for his peers. Father Joseph taught his son to the carpentry and was very pleased with his results. Jesus was sent to a school at the age of seven, where he also excelled in all sciences.

Everything went well before that tragic day, September 25, 8 AD, when Jesus received a message that his father fell and died while he was doing construction work for the ruler of the residence. This news shocked the whole family and especially Mary. When she came to the scene, Joseph was already dead.

At that time Mary was pregnant with the next child of Joseph and in half of a year, on April 17, 9 AD, she gave birth to Ruth, the youngest sister of Jesus. According to the laws of Israel, if the family loses their breadwinner, the first-born (son) takes all responsibilities of the father-breadwinner. Jesus was 14 at that time, and he became the head of the family.  He worked a lot, because they had debts of Joseph, who took loan to open his workshop, and now the debts had to be paid. The family of Jesus was in a very difficult situation, they were poor. Jesus worked day and night. Over time, he taught his father’s craft to his little brothers and then things got better.

Time passed, and the inner Divine Spirit of Jesus pushed him to knowledge and discovery, to preaching activity.

His first service in the synagogue was at the age of 15. He said:

«The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.» That was the beginning of Jesus’ work on Earth.

Who was this person? What purpose did he have? What has he achieved?

Jesus Christ is an earthly Man, who was conceived and born the same way as we and you are, but the personality that was in him was perfect. This personality is the Archangel Michael of Nebadon, who, in his turn, is the Architect, Creator, and the Ruler of our Universe, which is called Nebadon (the Milky Way).  Having learned the experience of the life of the common person, on our planet Michael has passed his subsequent, seventh consecration by God. Michael spent a million years working in consecrations. He embodied on other planets and in different worlds, he lived lifes in different personalities and acquired experiences, and what is most important — he fulfilled the Will of Heavenly Father.

In our evolution, we get to know the nature of Higher Being, and the Higher Persons are getting to know our life nature in order to gain experience.

Michael, like no one else, perfectly coped with this task. This is the truth, and you should know about it. There is a lot of confusion and misunderstandings in the Bible: Jesus Christ was baptized the same way we were; and during the process of baptism by John the Baptist, soul of earthly Jesus went into the spiritual world and the Spirit of the Archangel Michael entered the body of Jesus. Multiple abilities were opened in front of him, but he did not use them anywhere, except for healing practice, because he had a task of living a human life.

The second task of Jesus was to reveal to people the nature of the Universal God the Father as the source of creation. Jesus said: "You are looking for God somewhere else, but he is inside of each one of you!". He had to unite people in the faith, because all the mentors and the prophets, who came to the planet, were the forerunners who were preparing the ground for Michael. The task was not easy and Master knew that. In his sermons, he calls everyone to love, and revealing the love of the Heavenly Father, he told about the existence and the life of the perfect worlds. He also spoke of purity of the soul and the Divine seed of the Spirit in everyone. He was teaching to grow this seed in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Calling for people’s unity and brotherly relations, he was teaching everyone to help each other and understand each other.

"But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.", Christ taught, pointing on the path of ascending, and he showed how to achieve this by his own example of living on earth.

Faith and love coming from the commandments of Jesus strengthen the moral character and create happiness. Fear and anger are making character weaker and destroying happiness. This beautiful Master’s sermon began with a theme of happiness.

In his earthly life, he preached the purity of both the Soul and the consciousness of the Spirit. If we adhere to his instructions, then we will become chosen ones who are allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


Jesus loved people with the Divine love, he never left people in sorrow, and he healed the sick, gave alms to poor, instructed the evil ones and explained the laws of being to them. Leaving this world, he said: "Moses told to love each other the way you love yourself, but I will tell you to love each other the way I loved You". Love, coming from his heart, was perfect and pure. He also talked a lot about the inequality of men and women, about understanding and respect in the family.

He traveled a lot to learn about the world and society. After a while, Jesus recruited disciples (apostles), created an organization and each apostle had his own job: Matthew and Judah were responsible for the finances and for collecting money for the treasury, which were later distributed to the families of the apostles, these money were also used for the activities of their society; Andrew the First-Called was the director of this missionary activity; Thomas was responsible for the group’s billet; Joseph was in charge of sermons conduction and the twin brothers were responsible for food. The organization prospered, they had enough money for all their needs. Most of the apostles were anglers, and if the treasury was becoming scanty, they were selling fish they caught.

Jesus had 12 male disciples and 12 female; Mary Magdalene headed the community of women. All the apostles liked Jesus, but only Judas was always unsatisfied. Noble people was offering Jesus to lead various kinds of activities, but he was always refusing, and Judas could not understand why. Jesus’ task was to fulfill the Will of the Heavenly Father, and he knew his destiny. He knew about his early death, about the torments that he had to come through, but he consciously and fearlessly went for his task. His will and faith were unbreakable.

Another Jesus’ task during his life on Earth was to defeat Lucifer (the ruler of Satania system) and his team: Caligastia (planetary prince), Daligastia (Caligastia’s deputy) and Satan (Lucifer’s deputy), who violated the laws of the Father and rebelled against his Will. (Urantia, document #53, page 601). Their confrontation took place on Mount Hermon, where Michael of Nebadon won the Victory, and now the trial of the traitors continues. They are waiting for their sentence in isolation on one of the planets of the Mansion World.

A lot of work was done, but the date of departure was approaching. The Master told the apostles that he would soon leave them and reunite with the Father. It was thirtieth year of our era. Easter was approaching and Jesus, along with his disciples, was moving to Jerusalem.

He knew that the rulers of Israel were unhappy with his activities and threatened him with reprisal. However, he was not afraid of them and he was coming right into the hands of these cruel ignoramuses.

When they arrived in Jerusalem, before Easter, the Master gathered all his disciples to a secret supper where he washed their feet (according to the law, the host should wash feet of their guests). Speaking with each of the apostles, he blessed them for their work and gave tasks to each one of them. When the turn came to Judas, Jesus quietly told him: "What you are going to do, do quickly.". These disciples, who heard this, did not understand what it was about. Judas quickly got up and left. At the same evening, he gave the location of Jesus and his disciples to the guardians of Pontius Pilate.

The same night, April 5, 30 AD, Jesus was arrested. He was tortured, tormented and mocked for two days. He lost a lot of blood during this time, he was exhausted and his physical body lost its strength. Just before the execution, Pilate’s wife sent a messenger to him with a message in which she said, that this person cannot be executed and that he really is the Son of God! She had a vision in which she was informed of Jesus’ purpose. Pilate was afraid for his career. He said to Jesus: "Ask me for forgiveness, I have authority over you!", but Jesus said in response: "No, you have no authority over me. I have authority over you and all the sons of Israel and the whole world!". After that, Pilate sent Jesus to the condemnation by the ignorant crowd. This crowd, which was healed, taught and loved by the Master, sentenced him to Death.

Exhausted Jesus had a crossbar dropped on his shoulders, and he went to the place of his execution. Most of the audience along his way was screaming and mocking, but there were those people, who felt sorry for Jesus, but it was impossible to help him at this point. The crowd was shouting: "Did you want to save the world? How can you save the world, if you cannot save yourself?". However, Jesus was silent and patient. The Supreme Spiritual Persons observed a terrible scene, but they were not allowed to interfere. Midway, Jesus fell and lost consciousness. Exhausted, bleeding and thirsty, he suffered, asking the Heavenly Father for forgiveness for these people. The guards called for one man from the crowd, whose child was once healed from illness by Jesus. This man carried the crossbar and the soldiers dragged Jesus to Calvary. The crosses were already dug in and were waiting for sentenced ones, who carried their crossbars. Having arrived at the place of execution, they poured water on him and brought Jesus to consciousness. The executioners began to nail the hands of the condemned to the cross. When the mother of Jesus, Mary, came there, he asked his brother to take her away.

April 7th, 30 AD, at about 9:30 AM, Jesus Christ was crucified and he died about 6 hours later.

The Creator died because of his own creations!

The apostles wanted to buy the body of their Master. They brought money to Pilate, but he allowed to take the body without payment.

The body was buried in the crypt of Golgotha, entrance was closed with a stone and guards were put to it.

April 9th, at 4 AM, the stone, that was used to close the crypt, began to move away on itself. The Life Carriers and other Supreme personalities decided to destroy the body, so that Jesus’ bones was not used for blasphemy. The guards fled after seeing the movement of the stone. The body of Jesus was dispersed.

At 5 AM of the same day, the Master appeared in the crypt in the morontia body. The disciples, who had prepared a potion for embalming the body of Jesus, saw a stone moved away and a cave that was opened. Mary Magdalene was first to enter and she heard the Master’s voice: "Mary! Mary, did not I tell you that I will rise again on the third day?". Mary had fallen to her knees recognizing her Master, but he did not allow touching him. He said: "Go and tell the apostles that I have risen and they need to gather!".

Jesus Christ — Michael of Nebadon — appeared in the morontia form 18 times. He conducted Divine Services, and thousands started to believe.

Let us figure out, why did Master went for torment and death? Of course, he was following the will of the Heavenly Father. His task was to live an earthly life and die with an earthly death. Why he should have died this way and so early? This is the "merit" of those people who was cruel and scared. Jesus had to go through the physical death, and if he had lived longer on Earth, his work would be even more valuable!

Resurrected, Christ Michael poured out the Spirit of Truth on each human. This Spirit, in confirmation of resurrection, descends from Heaven every year on the day of the Resurrection of the Lord. This miracle takes place in Jerusalem in the Temple of the Lord, so thousands of people can see this blessed fire and spread its light all over the world. The Spirit of Truth lives in every heart, helping us on our path of evolution and guiding our Souls to make good deeds.

To the glory of the Heavenly Father, let us thank the Archangel Michael, who ascended by the Father’s right hand, for his Divine work and self-sacrifice!

Let us bow our heads before his deed, thank him and be worthy of him!