Hologram of Thought is the Way to Reality

Hologram of Thought is the Way to Reality


«Knowledge transcends the laws governing perception, because partial knowledge is impossible. It is all one and has no separate parts. You who are really one with it need but know yourself and your knowledge is complete. To know God’s miracle is to know Him. »

«A Course in Miracles», Chapter 3, part V.

The world around us and the world inside us. Which one is primary? How often do we confuse our beliefs with surrounding us circumstances? What is the nature of the events occurrence in our lives, and why do they occur to us?

Let’s try to figure it out using modern knowledge about the structure of our consciousness and the foundations of quantum physics.

  1. We do not believe in what we see, but we see what we believe.

Observing, we are creating a projection of what we observe. These projections are functioning based on our assumptions. At the moment when we are observing something, we first are assuming. And this assumption is our belief and faith.

Observation is based on our beliefs.

At the quantum level, reality is determined by the beliefs of the observer.

We determine everything in the Universe. Subconscious thoughts are equivalent to subatomic particles.

We are dealing with energy and information fields while perceiving the world. Consciousness and energy are interacting easily in these fields, but on the surface levels they are perceived separately. There is an inseparable link between consciousness and matter. Everything (the whole world) is in a single field of atoms and energies of people and objects.

Physical and psychological levels are interacting with people and fields.

These fields are similar to strings («String Theory») and their vibrations determine the formation of events and matter. They are full of information and life!

Interaction of frequencies of «strings» vibrations at a psychophysical level forms a physico-emotional reality. Our unconscious levels are one with objects in their field.

Thoughts are expressions of our deep unconscious beliefs.

Therefore, our deep form of beliefs is controlling the unconscious reality and defining the physical reality.

All our subtle energies, thoughts and feelings are uniting in programs and are programming our lives.

Our system of thought and beliefs works mostly through the unconscious level. This creates the Matrix.

The Matrix is an illusion of separation of the spiritual and material world. We fall into this illusion and we perceive the world through it. The deep reality of the Divine creation is hidden behind the Matrix.

Einstein showed us that perceived firmness is a mirage!

The physical reality consists of vibrations of energy frequencies.

Changing the frequencies of vibration, we can change the matter itself. We can break the veil, which the Matrix has thrown at our eyes, and learn to manage the deep reality on our own, building and creating our own lives. This is our task! Most of us froze in the Matrix and are convinced that the visible is separated from us. This is not like that; we are one with the visible material field. It means that if we realize this and believe in this, we can control the reality of life. But the unconscious level of a person, which is controlling this process, mostly forms events that we are perceiving as a negative result. For example, adults are living the same programs their parents and society have placed for them in their childhood. This is one of karma types, in which observation and perception are the creation of an observer!

  1. The illusion of fear in the projection of reality

There is no fear program in the Divine reality. The Creator did not make it, and angelic persons do not know what fear is. They know that we will become more perfect and we will stop suffering as soon as we get rid of the influence of this program. The media, the church, politicians, etc. – everyone are imposing fear on us.

If you try to analyze your life, you will see that things that you once feared will happen in your life. And this is a fact!

For example, you have got yourself a job. While you were applying for it, you were afraid that the boss would not accept you or that he would be dissatisfied (you are creating your illusory reality at this moment). Time passes and it happens – they fire you.

Advice: When you are applying for a job, you should believe that you are the employee this company needs, and if there is something you do not know about this job, then you will learn quickly. But do not show pride and Ego. And everything will be just fine. Try it!

Fear is a system for controlling and manipulating society or a program of the Matrix. The more fear you feel now, the more fear you will have in the future.

The Matrix is keeping us in fear and anxiety about tomorrow and in regret about yesterday. This immerses us in a state of slow and rough vibrations. We should be careful with our beliefs in our future. In the holographic reality, the more You depend on the belief system, the more You create what you believe. Each thought creates a reality that grows like a web. Consciousness is the greatest force that creates things that the unconscious level is programming inside us. The overloaded unconsciousness of a person creates difficulties and suffering. We need to unload it, but how?


  1. Control your thoughts;
  2. Manage your creative thoughts;
  3. Meditate;
  4. Reprogram your consciousness;
  5. Disconnect from the Matrix;
  6. Be self-aware;

The subconsciousness exists on the verge of consciousness.

The influence of the conscious and unconscious levels of thinking on human life is well demonstrated in documentary films called «The Secret» and «Rabbit Hole».

The unconscious level of thinking is a force that works according to the programs that are planted there, but we cannot directly control them.

That is how perception of the world works:

  • We believe in what we see.
  • Then we actually see things we believe in and create by thought.


  1. Reprogramming

We are unconsciously creating things with which we are struggling.

For example, the wife felt that her husband had lost interest in her, and then, with her thoughts and fears, she strengthens the thought-form, which will eventually appear in reality.

We are not aware of what we are creating, but we are always creating.

We want reality to satisfy our desires, however, we feel we are not the one causing it. A person is always looking for proof, not knowing that he himself creates it. We are creating what we think is not dependent on us, and then we are starting to fight it ourselves. This is doublethink. The world we perceive is based on programs on the unconscious level; they automatically introduce into our lives and self-realize.

Our dreams are similar. They are projections of reality of the unconscious level into our consciousness. Sometimes dreams manifest in our lives. The unconscious manifest both in dreams and in real life in the same way.

Our thoughts and emotions are creating new programs for the subconscious or reprogramming the old ones, making changes in the projections of the Matrix’s hologram.

Many people are complaining that they are stressed and depressed. Why?

They cannot control themselves. Emotions conquering the mind, and they being to create and project destructive programs into the world.

For example, You want to sign a good contract that will help You to complete Your tasks. You are planning, thinking about it and creating, but having created, deep down You doubt that everything will go according to the plan. You also turn these doubts to reality. Then the fear appears and creates anxiety. And at this moment You realize, that initial program, the program designed for success, no longer works; instead, a program with fear is functioning, as there are energy substances that are interested in Your fear. That is why we are suffering. Yes! The initial project could still be implemented, but with difficulties and only partially.

Advice: Be sure that you will create what you are programming, and it will eventually happen! Faith is the main mechanism here. Also, always keep an even calm state, and everything will work out for you!

We create and run programs in our everyday life. The difficulty is that we undergo experiences of a psychoemotional nature; we worry for money, property, job, etc. We are stuck in our own worries, and if we are afraid and worrying, then the programs of our worrying are created on the unconscious level, and they are realizing without our desire. And then things that we are worrying about are happening in our lives. Our world is the Matrix of our thoughts. It reflects things we project in our subconscious. We are imprisoned in our own worrying. It is a mirror reflection of our inner world.

Until the moment we realize this, we will be in prison of our worries and sufferings. Looking around, people think that this is the entire world, but it is not. This is only a small frequency range in an infinite field of frequencies, vibrations and oscillations.

We need to understand, that our beliefs are projecting. Then we will find a way out of the mental Matrix through self-awareness.

Carl Jung once said, «There are no other similar beings like man, that are articulate and conscious, that is can give account of their functioning».

This world was meant to help us to become self-conscious.

We must realize that what we are seeing is a part of us. That is the truth. And if You will read this article until the very end – You’ll win. Then we will use the world for what it was really meant to be.

  1. Going beyond the Matrix

Our problems are occurring on an unconscious level, but we do not realize it.

We need a process of changes, or reprogramming. We need to admit our prejudices. In order to get rid of unconscious beliefs, we must stop creating them.

For example, we think that we are doing our work poorly, and by this, we create and project our fear. Thus, we are suffering and being misled, and this will continue until this act of creation reaches the end. Until we are fired! We are creating our beliefs both consciously and unconsciously. We are living and functioning according to the completely wrong programs. They have the means of separation and limitation in themselves. Man was not created for this.

We have different tasks – to live according to Divine programs and directions. We are boundless in our ability to create, but our creations must be conformed with the spiritual ones, and that is our task.

It is hidden from us, that the beliefs we create are building our reality. We need to look inside ourselves through our beliefs and reflections of events that are happening to us.

Some dark entity created a thought program, to which our conscious and unconscious are connected, and this is the Matrix.   It is beyond our perception. It does not allow us to remember our true destiny and the memory of Divine Seed of Spirit inside us. We must recall it and achieve the highest Spiritual program.

A spiritual program for the evolution of all existent was made during the creation of the World, the Universe, the animal and man by the Paradise Trinity (the Universal God the Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit), as well as other perfect personalities. We are developing by this exact spiritual program.  This is a divine plan, and this plan will lead a human to God. We must live with this task. Spiritual Persons are interested not in your sufferings, but in your happiness. But!

For example, a person does not want to think about his development, he think that it is better to lie on the couch watching TV and drinking beer. That is so cool! This is the happiness for the gray mass of people. Such people are the easy prey for the Matrix. They always complain about their life, that it is so bad, but what else to do? We are entertaining our lives influencing the human mind with beer, vodka, cigarettes, drugs, etc.). Such people have a bitter past and they have no future. Their mind and consciousness are cut off from the Soul. They always make wrong decisions. The Matrix is dictating these decisions to them. «Entities in black» are ruling these people. Unfortunately, society consists of 80% of such people. But there are persons in this gray mass who are on the verge of life and death, and they start to look for a way out of difficulties and sufferings. Their Soul begins to wake up. These people are looking for salvation. And he wo seeks, finds! Now this individual, who escaped from the Matrix (awakened from a dream), begins to live according to the Divine plan, the plan of development and perfection. Those who supplement him will come in his life, and those destroying him will leave.

There are machines that are blocking our consciousness, not allowing us to realize the destiny of human. They do not have a real individuality. They are parasites that destroy. They are «entities in black». They work both inside and outside the illusory world. Their job is to steal memory and to keep person in the Matrix of illusions.

Maya is an illusory system of the world. Maya servants are ministers of the Matrix, the «entities in black». They appear in time and space portals and disappear in the same way. You can only see them with peripheral vision. They are ghostly black figures that do not have individuality and our destructive energy is feeding them. They control the Matrix and they create negative programs that are causing strong destructive emotions. Under certain circumstances, «Entities in black» could take the form of an ordinary person.

Our physical body is a biological computer, and our pure nature is our consciousness.

We have limitless creation possibilities with our consciousness. Did we ever think about the fact that we are creating everything we see?

And the body we have is temporary shell, controlled by consciousness, and it breaks down when consciousness leaves the physical organism.

Let’s get back to the subject of depression.

What is depression?

It is the result of our thinking and programming. Medication does not help when our mind breaks up into parts. Antidepressants worsen our psyche, and the person becomes even more aggressive.

There is a program of the collective unconscious, and we need to get inside this mechanism and learn how to manage it. Reading this article, you are facing a choice to believe it or not.

If Your Consciousness could not accept this, and You are saying that all this is nonsense, you will remain in the collective Matrix of the unconscious. You have not realized the importance of the revealed truth.

If you agree with what is written above, it means that You have realized it and are taking the first step towards a free life!

Free will is the right to choose!

I am not imposing anything to anyone. I am just offering.

Ask, and it shall be given to you.

The actions are in the realization that we receive what we think about and what we are asking for. That is right! This is the key to happiness!

It is when we realize the fact that everything we see and experience is laid down in us in the form of programs. It is necessary to think good and believe in good, thus changing negative programs.

The Creator is identical with creation.

When we are facing difficulties and thinking that we cannot change our lives, then it will happen so. You need to understand, that each of us has our own individual program of life and evolution, which were laid in us during the creation of the Soul. And it is a program of happiness and joy.

The Lord does not want our suffering; it is «entities in black» that are hungry for it. As soon as we leave the Matrix, we are getting our memory back, and we start to live according to God’s program, the program of happiness and love. Another World is revealing before us – a World of perfection and harmony. We are getting what we asked for. We are enjoying life. That is what God wants! He has prepared this life for us, and we will live it. It is necessary to start a revolution in the minds of humans. We need to realize that the program of the unconscious works. Our brain is creating thoughts every second, and this means it is creating things we will see and experience.

We are consciousness!

Consciousness comes from within us. We are creating, and we came here for this exact act of creation. You need to realize this, and the first thing you need to learn is how to create the reality of your life.

Faith is the most powerful mechanism – we create what we believe in. «Black hackers» are manipulating our thinking through Faith. Governments are controlling us and our minds through faith and beliefs. They impel us fear, insecurity, doubt, disappointment, and we project it in the mind, creating our own lives.

Who is creating thoughts in Your mind? Who is creating the opinions of the world?

Think about it.

Everyone needs to answer to themselves, how to get out of control?

First, you need to disconnect yourself from the media. We are creating reality, but they manipulate us, so we have someone else’s creation as the result.

The problem is also that other people have influence on our life in the form of center programs, so our unconscious communicates with their unconscious, creating a complex of events in life.

Carl Jung said, «Man’s psyche is the strongest weapon, even stronger than the atomic bomb. ». And we are a danger to ourselves. Just think now! Does someone care about psyche disorders? Sick people are also creating… What do they project into this world? Think! Their thoughts are also creations, but what are they and what do they project into this world? Their thoughts are also being implemented, creating even more tension and chaos, difficulties and destruction. And there are more and more of such mental patients. This fact says that you need to wake up and take the path of Spiritual Development, and then you will be out of danger.

If we will consciously come to this, then we will make a step towards salvation. Mental processes are controlling a person, and this is a fact. A person criticizes the world, thinking the problem is in the surrounding world and the events in it, but no, the problem is in a person!

In his fact of creation. The person thinks the way he was convinced, and does not understand that someone wants us to think, believe and act this way. Human environment should not program a person.

Man is the creation and likeness of God! That means that he has unlimited possibilities, which are hidden from us.


There are social and antisocial activity, and we serve to one or another. This is a false identity. But our true identity is hidden in our consciousness within us.

If someone imposes You an identity, then they are connecting you to the unconscious program, and things that have been imposed to you begins to work, adjusting your life. This is manipulation program. This is the work product of the Matrix. People dependent on the Matrix (on its programs) do not want to be disconnected. They do not think about the meaning of life, about their development and perfection.  They do not want to be responsible for what is happening, and they like to «go with the flow». For them, it is easier to be controlled. There are many people of various professions in this category. They are similar to zombies; they obey both the basic instincts of the flesh and the Matrix managers. These are people who reject Divine reality, who cannot and do not want to ask themselves the question of the meaning of life.

So, the way the program works is, when a person begins to match himself with some program of another person, a friend or a boss, etc., he immediately connects to their program, and they begin to manipulate him, while he is losing his identity and is becoming a part of the system. We must remain ourselves, not imitating others and not matching ourselves with them, so that others could not take our freedom and the right to choose. Then we will be able to see and recognize the «games» people play when manipulating each other.

For example, when a person puts on the police uniform, this is an identity. You should notice, how fast a person changes, he acquires the appearance identity of police officer. It is also very visible in his behavior. Such a person does not have his own identity; he is connected to the Matrix and he obeys its laws, losing his own individuality.  The people who exceed their authority (bosses, military, police, etc.) serve to a false identity. This creates the energy of destruction. Selfishness, fear, insecurity, arrogance, resentment, revenge, aggression, etc. – all this is the Matrix program, which is creating energies that feed the Matrix and which does not let You know Your true destiny.

What does sacrifice mean?

What does it mean to accept your own death? It means to realize your Ego.

This is the strongest mechanism. People with developed Ego are «excellent» servants of the Matrix. All destructive programs are introduced through them. Ego is imposing its programs, forcing a person to be someone else, thus losing his individuality. They do not believe in God and his laws. They are blind.

I know such people. They waste their whole life for their career to have power over others. This is the result of Ego. Serving it, they become the basis of the Matrix system. They are so fascinated with this that they cannot stop, destroying themselves and others. The machines of the Matrix are working through these people. They have a lot of diseases and suffering. Having achieved some privileges, they want others. They are in networks. Their consciousness is cut from the Soul, so they cannot awake.  Ego is separating us from our significance and Divine program. Ego is the greatest mechanism of illusion and destruction. It is very cleverly masks itself in the life of a person, so it is very hard to recognize it.

Awareness requires consciousness. But Ego is closing your consciousness.  It is a vicious circle. Ego is a reflex to the environment, which is captured by causality and linear thinking.

You have a choice, my friends! Only You can decide on Your future life. We are looking for our identity, and we can control it, we just need to remove the veil of illusion.

Ego does not believe in our Divine inner destiny. And this our leverage – we need to get to know ourselves! This is our task before God! Faith in this is death for Ego. This is the only way to win! Christ showed us the way of liberation from the Matrix’s illusion, and that is an example for everyone. If we will live according to the example of Christ, we will overcome Ego and pride, and that means that we will be free!

We need to realize that the world around us is a world of distortion, and we perceive at as reality, reproducing it repeatedly.

Losing the connection with our soul and heart, we are losing purpose and individuality. Science has cut us off from religion, from knowing and revealing our souls, from knowing ourselves. Our unbelief creates illusion imprisonment. I am talking about a true religion that develops humanity, and not the one that intimidate and destroy it. Take the Middle Age times for example, «priests» did so many depredations! 

Do you think it is gone?

Yes, it is gone in time, but it stayed in our subconscious in the form of experience and information. Now, these programs affect our life. We are going to be enslaved by our subconscious and ourselves until we realize this.

God is merciful as he gave us life again! So live it with dignity, making your own choice of freedom and ascent! The greatest power of creation lies in each of us! But only those who have love in mercy in their soul will reveal it!

Many of us possess nature’s duality – they are righteous in the morning and murderers in the evening. Our duality is striking us with a deathblow. A two-faced person does not have individuality that is why we need to decide who we are and where we are going.

If you want to get out of vicious circle of suffering, take responsibility for your own life. Admit, that the nature of your suffering is hidden in You and in Your unconscious, and start working on yourself. Stop your bad thoughts, do good deeds and create beautiful thoughts. As the most important mechanism in the accomplishment of happiness is your thought!

Thought is the smallest subatomic particles, of which matter and we are composed. Once You realize it, and You will be living in acceptance with it, you will achieve success. We do not have to suffer, we must remember our true Divine nature and begin to create our own lives. You need to understand that You create everything that happens in Your life. You would ask, did I create the disease? But I will answer, yes, you were afraid of it in your thoughts, which means that you were programming yourself. The disease manifested itself a few years later, when you have already forgot about it. The world we consider real is an illusion. All that you see is an illusion – it does not exist. There is only your consciousness, which creates the world. We are the creation of God, which means that we must fulfill His will, because His will is our will. He created us in true spirituality, and spirituality is the faith that all prayers and requests will become real, thus achieving the highest spiritual reality, the Divine program.

Now, here is a few advices from me.

If You managed to read finish this article, to believe and understand all that is written in it, then these advices are for You. If You think in other categories, You can forget everything You have read, as this is your right.


  1. Make a plan of your development.
  2. After achieving one goal, set another one.
  3. DO NOT STOP! Stop is a fall! Those people who stop moving forward, whop stop learning the world and improving, will become an easy prey for different sects, where they would monotonously wander in circles in the static postulates imposed to them, which are only significant as a small trampoline for understanding the boundless Universe and the boundless inner world of Man.
  4. Develop will, perseverance, love and compassion, when you are working in spiritual practices.
  5. Control your thoughts and try to control your dreams.
  6. Work with your Ego. Your task is to defeat Ego, to escape from its influence.
  7. Extending the boundaries of consciousness, try to unite all sciences, discoveries and experiments, but not divide them. They all are one manifestation of God!
  8. Faith and conviction will lead you out of fear’s control.
  9. Create beautiful with your thought, and look for beautiful everywhere – in nature, in life and in society.

Dear readers!

I am sending the impulse of Divine energy to your Will for your development and self-improvement, for your happiness, joy and love!

Let the Heavenly Father’s Will be fulfilled!


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