Educational programs


As a result of many years of experience in helping people and studying different areas of knowledge, Natalia Vladimirovna created a unique training system, designed as group classes with simultaneous qualitative disclosure of the individual potential of each student in a group.

All the programs are based on gathered by Natalia Vladimirovna during many years multifaceted knowledge, laws, methods and practices that unite scientific progress in theoretical and applied modern sciences: physics and mathematics, quantum mechanics, genetics and biology, in a flexible combination of ancient sources of philosophy and sacred geometry, on the fundamental basis of spiritual development of Man.

Students enrolled in training, comprehend the deep knowledge about the structure of the world and the creation of life on Earth and Space, learn the fundamentals of human genetics, the device of physical and subtle energy bodies, self-regulation techniques, master practical skills that help a person to deal with the internal psychological state, to define life goals , harmonize the physical condition of the body and health, to establish personal life, family relationships.

There are several stages of training and professional levels that allow you to develop interaction with the conscious and subconscious, contribute to the disclosure of ordinary and extraordinary abilities.

At the moment, the training is held in the CENTER OF DEVELOPMENT OF THE PERSONALITY AT THE ACADEMY OF TECHNOLOGICAL SCIENCES OF UKRAINE at the path of development of consciousness “The Way to Perfection”, where the following programs operate:



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