Right now, Natalia Rodina is working across many cities and countries. She became wide popular after many cases of «magic» healing of hopeless oncological patients and people with intractable psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and similar almost incurable diseases during the time Natalia practiced as a bioenergetics therapist. Eventually, she developed a methodology that allows patients to overcome their diseases basing on awareness of the causes of the problem and elimination of its negative matrix using special practices of an individual nature. This gave rise to the educational system, which is developing people’s consciousness on the basis of high Spirituality and modern scientific knowledge; this system also gives the opportunity to help not only individual patients, but a whole course of students at the same time. Later, these studies laid the foundations for creation of the Center of the Personal Development under the Ukrainian Academy of Technological Science. There are more than 10,000 people from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Canada, USA, Italy and Great Britain were trained in the Center of Natalia Rodina. The knowledge obtained in the Center gives an opportunity to a person not only to heal his body, to rejuvenate and obtain additional sources of energy, but also to reveal potential superpowers in himself. Training has a stage system (zero course, first, second, etc.), which is designed for many years and does not have a final stage, because the knowledge of the world is infinite!

Natalia Rodina continues to improve her system, fill it with new knowledge, practices and various additional courses («applied intuition», «financial success», «family happiness», «clairvoyance» and «consciousness management»). In her regular trips across the cities, Natalia hosts courses on consciousness development and free seminars, acts on television, meets with schoolchildren and students, takes part in various international conferences dedicated to human development and knowledge of the Universe. Natalia also maintains creative and friendly relations with many famous scientists and researchers from different countries of the world, whose work is the most advanced in the field of knowledge of the world and human.